Sports massage-RUNNERS: 3 reasons why you should treat yourself with a discharge massage if you run

Updated: Oct 11

It is very common that runners finally end up lying on the stretcher when they have been dragging discomfort for a few days, when the legs have been crying out for a little attention or, in the worst case, when we have, or at least intuit, an injury.

Sometimes we do not give enough importance to one of the parts of our preparation, what is usually called invisible or hidden training: hydration, nutrition, rest ... and in this part we could include discharge massage, from one point preventive and recovery.

The ideal would be to receive one every fifteen days or at least once a month, although the reality of day-to-day with the scarcity or incompatibility of schedules makes us, in most cases, postpone or discard it.

We care about taking care of our material, especially the shoes, having in most cases several models that adjust to our characteristics, type of footprint, weight, training rhythms, etc ... being aware of the importance they have not only on our performance but on the possible negative consequences of inappropriate footwear ...

Each one of us has to assess and weigh, always subject to the aforementioned circumstances, at what time and how often do we pass by the stretcher and for this we are going to try to clarify the classic doubts that we may have, answering three questions: Why? , When? and how?


A good massage works not only at the level of the muscles, but also at the level of the circulatory system, the nervous system and even the respiratory system. Thus, we can highlight, among others, a series of benefits and effects such as:

  • Decreased excess tone and muscle contractures produced by the effort demanded of our body and breaking the vicious circle pain-contraction-more pain-more contraction. Helps "tidy up a bit" and realign muscle fibers.

  • Reduction of fatigue and notable acceleration of recovery, keys in our training. Improvement of blood and lymphatic circulation and increase of oxygen supply to the tissues, thus helping to nourish them and eliminate waste products from the body.

  • Relaxation at general, physical and mental level; feeling of well-being and reduction of psychological stress.

For all these things and many more it is an effective method to prevent injuries, tune up our muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints and optimize our performance. It should be part of our routine along with training sessions, stretching, rest, food and hydration since its effects will add to and complement those of that training itself.

And remember, very importantly, that the benefits will begin at the same time that the massage begins and they will continue, although we may not perceive it in the following hours or even days.


Although it may be strange, just after finishing a race or training, especially if it has been demanding, our muscles are excited, sore and even inflamed, so it is not advisable to receive it in that situation.

After a few hours or better, the day of rest, the most opportune and advisable moment comes to treat yourself. If we also rest the day after the massage or if the training is gentle (this would be ideal) we will rule out the possibility that the decrease in muscle tone as a result of manipulation may become a negative factor.


It is recommended that it is not limited to the legs even if they start as the main objective. Runners also suffer a lot in the gluteal area and in the entire lower back; It is frequent that we take that part of the body very stiff training and that it remains equally tense for the rest of the day.

In addition, this stiffness or discomfort can be accentuated by postures from work or from the rest of the activities we do in our daily life, such as carrying weights, driving, etc. .

In any case, our discharge massage session must end with a series of joint mobilizations and stretching of the manipulated muscle groups, thus completing it and helping to optimize the results sought.

Of course, what I do not think any of us doubt is how comfortable we were after receiving a good massage.

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